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YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange that is based in Russia. It was launched in 2014. This exchange serves the cryptosphere via almost 500 active markets (493+) and a massive 7000+ currency pairs, including both crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto currency pairs. In addition, there website is available in Chinese, English and Russian. this crypto-asset trading platform is surrounded by many controversies. Controversies include being involved in pump-and-dump schemes involving various cryptos, including PutinCoin (Ticker symbol: PUT), the arrest of YoBit founder, Pavel Krymov, for allegedly being involved in fraudulent activities, the alleged questionable use of ticker symbols and token names to get market participants to buy fake tokens (BNB is “Boats and Bitches” instead of Binance Coin, KNC is “KingN” instead of Kyber Network, etc.), the alleged restriction of token withdrawals by claiming tokens are “Under Maintenance” while deposits remain open and many other controversies. The exchange is also not know for superior security. This exchange lost a substantial quantity of Ethereum Classic (Ticker symbol: ETC) tokens during the 51% attack on the ETC network that took place in January 2019. The authentication and log in process is suspiciously fast. In terms of fees, YoBit charges 0.20% fee to market makers as well as market takers. Support is notorious slow and based on a ticked system with no live chat option.

On Page Wallet: Yes
Accepts the Following: Advanced Internet Blocks Advanced Technology Coin Adzcoin Agrello Coin ALIS Token AmsterdamCoin AquariusCoin ArcticCoin ATBCoin ATLANT ATMChain AudioCoin Auroracoin B2BX Token Bata Coin Bean Cash BioCoin BitClave Token Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash SV Bitcoin Diamond Bitcoin God bitJob Token BitRent Token BitShares Bluecoin Bolivarcoin BowsCoin BunnyToken CannabisCoin Capricoin Carboncoin Centurion Coin ChronoBank Coin ChronosCoin Clams Coin ClearPoll Token CloakCoin ClubCoin Coin MAGI Coinlancer Compound Coin Covesting Token Crown Token Crypto.com Token CYCLEAN Token Dash DecentBet Token Decred Coin Deutsche eMark DigiByte Dimecoin DMarket Token Dogecoin Dollarcoin DomRaider Token DraftCoin E-Dinar Coin EDRCoin Elysian Token Enigma Token Envion Token EOS Token Eternity Coin Ethereum Ethereum Classic Expanse Token Fire Lotto Token FirstCoin Flycoin Franko Coin FujiCoin FuturoCoin GameCredits GCRCoin GlobalBoost-Y GoldBlocks GoldMint Coin Greencoin Gulden Hacken Token Happycoin HempCoin Hexx Coin HiCoin Humaniq Coin Hurify Token Indorse Token InflationCoin Internxt Token IXT Token Karatgold Coin KickCoin Kurrent Coin LatiumX Token Level Up Coin Lightning Bitcoin LINA Token LindaCoin LinkedCoin Lisk Coin Litecoin Litecoin Cash LiteDoge Coin LockTrip Token Loopring Lunyr Coin MACRON Coin Metronome Mineum Coin MojoCoin Monetha Coin Namecoin NEM Coin Neumark Token Neurotoken NewYorkCoin Niobium Coin Noah Coin NoLimitCoin NovaCoin Opal Coin Open Trading Network Torken PACcoin Pakcoin Pandacoin Patron Token PAYCENT Token PayCoin Paymon Token Peercoin PetroDollar PIVX Coin PLATINCOIN PlatinumBAR Coin Polybius Token PostCoin PoSW Coin Presearch Token Ratecoin ReddCoin Regalcoin Revain Token RoBET Token Rubycoin Salus Coin Sativacoin SegWit2x Coin Sentinel Token Sexcoin ShadowCash Coin SIBCoin Signatum Coin Silent Notary Token SONM Coin SophiaTX SPINDLE Token SpreadCoin StartCOIN Storm Coin SunContract Token Super Bitcoin SuperCoin SwagBucks Swarm City Coin Swing Coin SwissBorg Token Syscoin TagCoin The Abyss Token Titcoin TittieCoin TokenDesk Token TOKYO Coin TransferCoin TRON Coin TrumpCoin U.CASH Coin Ubex Token Ultimate Secure Cash Coin Unify Coin United Bitcoin Universal Currency Coin Upfiring Token Verge Coin Version Coin Vertcoin Viacoin Visio Token vSlice Token Waves Coin Welltrado Token Wi Coin WITChain Token Worldcore Token XYO Token Zcash Coin Zeitcoin Zetacoin
Maker: 0.2%
Limits: 1 USD
TAKER: 0.2%
Fiat Currencies: Yes



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