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OKEx is regarded as one of the largest exchanges in the world today, a position it mainly acquired to its extremely high numbers of reported daily trading volume. Generally speaking, this exchange is geared toward more professional cryptocurrency traders. OKEx does not take into much consideration its users’ demand for a high quality, responsive and sleek interface, and as a result navigating the site and getting to the desired dashboard or settings menu is noticably more difficult than in most top exchanges in the industry. It’s security and developer team background is also a mystery. Very little is know, despite there not being any known security issues or breaches.

On Page Wallet: Yes
Accepts the Following: 0x Protocol Achain Acute Angle Cloud Token Aelf Aeternity Coin AI Doctor Coin Airbloc Token AirSwap Token All Sports Token ArcBlock Ardor Coin Ark Asch Coin ATLANT Aventus Coin Bancor Protocol Token Bankex Token Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash ABC Bitcoin Cash SV Bitcoin Diamond Bitcoin Gold BitcoinX BitKan Token BitTorrent Token Bread Token Bytecoin Bytom Coin Cardano Coin CariNet Token ChainLink Coin Change Token ChatCoin Civic Coin Content and AD Network Token Cosmo Coin Cosmos Coin Cred Lending Token Crypto.com Token Cube CyberMiles Token CyberVein Token DADI Coin Dash Datum Decentraland Token Decred Coin Delphy Coin Dentcoin DigiByte DigixDAO district0x Coin Egretia Token Eidoo Coin EncrypGen Token Enigma Token Enjin Coin EOS Token Ethereum Ethereum Classic ETHLend Coin Everex Token Exchange Union Token FairCoin FairGame Token FirstBlood Token FunFair Coin Game.com Coin Gas Gemini Dollar Genaro Network Coin Gifto Coin Global Social Chain Coin Golem Coin Grin Coin High Performance Blockchain HitChain Token Horizen Coin Hshare Coin HYCON Coin Hydro Protocol Token Icon Iconomi Coin INS Ecosystem Coin InsurChain Internet Node Token IOStoken IoT Chain IOTA IPChain Token Kcash Token Kyber Network Coin LATOKEN Token Leverj Token LightChain Token LinkEye Coin Lisk Coin Litecoin Loopring Maggie Token Maker Measurable Data Token Merculet Token MetalCoin MicroMoney Token Mithril Token Moeda Loyalty Points Molecular Future Token Monero Coin Monetha Coin NAGA Coin Nano Nebulas NEM Coin NEO Token Nuls Coin Nxt Coin OAX Coin OFCOIN Olympus Labs Token OmiseGO Coin OneRoot Network Token Ontology Coin Origin Sport Token OST Token Paxos Standard Po.et Coin Populous Coin Primas Coin ProChain Token Qtum Coin QunQun Coin Raiden Network Coin Read Coin RealChain Token Refereum Coin Republic Protocol Request Network Coin Revain Token Ripio Credit Network Ripple SALT Coin Santiment Network Token Selfkey Token SelfSell Coin Show Token Siacoin SingularDTV Coin Six Domain Chain Token Smartshare Token SONM Coin SportyCo Token StarChain Token Status Token Stellar Storj Coin Substratum Coin SunContract Token Super Bitcoin SwftCoin TenXPay Token Theta Token TokenClub Token Trade Token Tripio Token True Chain Coin TrueUSD Ubique Chain of Things Token ugChain Token Unikoin Gold United Bitcoin USD//Coin UTRUST Token V Systems Coin Viberate Coin VITE Token Viuly Coin Waltonchain Coin Waves Coin WinToken Worldcore Token YEE Token YOYOW Coin Zcash Coin Zebi Token ZenCash Coin Zilliqa Coin Zipper Token
Maker: 0.1%
Limits: 1 USD
TAKER: 0.15%
Fiat Currencies: No



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